Other Services

Evictions, Landlord/Tenant Disputes and Arrear Rentals

Whether you are the landlord or the tenant, we can provide you with all the legal requirements, such as:

  • Credit checks on prospective tenants
  • Drafting and reviewing of residential or commercial lease agreements
  • Evictions of unlawful/non-paying tenants.
  • Instituting legal action for outstanding rental amounts
  • Representation of both the landlord and the tenant


Body Corporate and Home Owners Associations arrear levies

We assist Body Corporates and Home Owners Associations in recovering arrear levies and with good governance.


Antenuptial contracts

We assist with drafting of all antenuptial agreements whether you wish to be married out of community of property or with the accrual system.


Commercial contracts

We provide you with a wide variety of commercial contracts:

  • Personal or commercial lease agreements
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Indemnity agreements
  • Franchisor and franchisee agreements
  • Various other contracts


Transfer of properties, conveyancing and notarial matters

To ensure your security peace of mind, we have trusted associates dealing with property, conveyance and notarial matters who have assisted us for several years.


Trusts and related

In order to make your life more convenient, we draw up trust deeds and register it for you with the Master of the High Court or attend to amendments to the trust deed.


Company related secretarial work

We will attend to the registration of your company, drafting of shareholder agreements and drafting the memorandum of incorporation. We will also assist you with changing your directors, accountants and the like, or do work relating to existing close corporations.


Wills and administration of deceased estates

To help you through this difficult time, we can provide support. We consult on and draft wills, including simple wills, joint wills and wills with testamentary trusts.

If your loved one passes away, we deal with trusted and experienced associates who attend to the administration of the deceased estate, whether solvent or not, including but not limited to reporting the late estate and obtaining a letter of executorship.  We also attend to all ancillary issues such as the transfer of the deceased’s immovable property into the name of the beneficiary.


Protection and Harassment Orders

We help in both domestic violence and harassment matters. If anyone commits an act or acts of abuse against you, kindly contact us to assist you to apply for a protection order/interdict on your behalf. We also assist with opposing applications for protection orders and attend to counter applications in both domestic violence and harassment matters.


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