Divorce and Family Law

Opposed and Unopposed Divorces

We have extensive experience in unopposed and opposed divorce matters. If you want the fairest settlement for your divorce matter or are trying to do the best for you and your child, we can help.

We deal with all family law litigation, guiding you through the process and taking your matter all the way to trial, if necessary.


Maintenance for spouses and/or children

Do you feel that you or your children deserve more? If you are married, we can proceed with a Rule 43 application to obtain maintenance for you and or your children before the divorce is finalised. Why wait?

If you are unmarried or have not instituted divorce proceedings, we can approach the Maintenance Court directly for maintenance for you and your children. We can also assist you with the enforcement and recovery of arrear maintenance owing to you.


Custody and rights of contact

We have extensive experience in drawing up parental responsibility and rights agreements, parenting plans and or joint residency agreements. Failing that, we will institute legal action to ensure that you obtain reasonable contact and/or custody.  To assist in the process, we have a strong network of specialist family law advocates and social workers.


Rights of unmarried fathers

If you are an unmarried father, we have the solution for you. We can draft parental responsibilities and rights agreements and register them with the Family Advocate and/or make them orders of Court. We can defend against or launch applications on your behalf for custody, contact, care and guardianship.


Postnuptial Agreements/Change of marital regime

Do you want to change the terms of your marriage contract? If you are already married but wish to change your marriage regime to out of community of property, whether with or without accrual we will attend thereto.


Protection Orders and Domestic Violence

If your partner commits any act of domestic violence against you, kindly contact us to assist you in applying for a protection order on your behalf. We also assist with opposing applications for protection orders and attend to counter domestic violence applications.


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