Debt Recovery & Civil Litigation

If someone owes you, your company or business money we can help. Letter of demand needed? Blacklisting of Debtors? Summons? We do it all.

Should the money due to you not be paid after our letter of demand and our backlisting of the debtor, we will proceed with summons to obtain judgment and then execute to recover the monies owed to you including interest.

We institute all types of actions for recovery of the money whether the cause of action arose from a contract between you, a loan agreement, a credit agreement, from goods sold and delivered, a delict (such as a car accident) and/or due to enrichment.

We also defend all types of civil matters instituted against you, your company or business. We can also assist in applying to rescind judgments taken against you and/or have a blacklisting removed from you or your company’s name.

We appear in all the relevant Courts such as the High court, Regional court, and Magistrate’s court.


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